Over the past month, we've seen major releases from rap's first class.

And it was exciting, exhausting, and entertaining—all in the same breath.

Things seemed to settle down a bit this week. Even as Jay-Z took to Twitter on Monday for a live Q&A with fans, and introduced his new meme, "#mylaugh." Skeptics wondered if it was TyTy or Elliott Wilson manning his account. But it was him, Jay-Z, in the flesh! Or, well, no... on our screens, in a series of 140-character blips. But still: The Holy Grail of Twitter!

Or so it seemed. Actually, according to a recent Networked Insights study, Drake is the most influential artist on social media.

Meanwhile, Justin Bieber kept wildin' out, Justin Timberlake kept releasing new music and Kanye West kept a promise he made in his lyricsAll that and more in What The Hell Just Happened in Music This Week?

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