Date: July 24

From his take on the Harry Belafonte slight to his views on President Obama, Jay Z's  interview with Elliott Wilson made a lot of noise this week. One line in particular sent b-ball loving rap nerds into a tizzy: When the Mike Jordan of rap called Drake "Kobe."

The speculation commenced immediately (not really, but bear with me): Was it a compliment? Kobe is, after all, the contemporary player most often compared to MJ. Or a sneak diss? Kobe was, after all, last seen hobbling off the floor with a torn Achilles, a 34-year-old man trying to keep up with cats 5 and 10 years younger than he (nevermind that he was in the midst of one of his finest seasons ever).

And if Drake is Kobe*, who's LeBron? Kanye? That must make Kendrick Lamar, aka the best rapper doing it right now, Kevin Durant, right? Is Birdman Phil Jackson? And since we're asking questions, where the fuck is Jay Electronica?!? In the legends category that would make Larry Bird Eminem (Best White Boy of All Time), Magic Johnson Tupac (West Coast legends with tragically short careers), Bruce Bowen Luke (dirty), Oliver Miller one of the Fat Boys (all them donuts). "Hey ma, where are the rest of my basketball cards?!?"

*With all due respect Jay, Drake ain't no Kobe. Kobe's got five rings and the fiercest mean mug since Darth Vader. Drizzy's got hashtag raps and a song called "Take Care." Game over. —Angel Diaz and Jack Erwin

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