Date: July 22

2 Chainz is the master of many things: punchline raps, dancing like he's caught in spiderwebs, hilarious interviews, the list really goes on. And now, he can add master chef to his resume (or so he'd like us to believe). 

If you've been following the Artist Formerly Known as Tity Boi on Instagram, you already know he's all about his cuisine—thanks to some very talented personal chefs. Like yesterday, for example. Chainz enjoyed some "Lump crab omelette, roasted red potatoes, sautéed asparagus & whole wheat English muffin: for breakfast: 

He loved it so much that he cleaned his plate. We know this because he said "Kilt dat sht" and: 

So, naturally (well, duh), he's going to include a cookbook in the packaging of his next album, B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time. (Awesome album title BTW. I'd need me time, too, if some jerk was cooking me a lump crab omelette every morning.) With his help, every kid on this planet will eat their vegetables and say "If I die tonight I got a bank roll on me/Versace, cheese on my broccoli." You're welcome, parents. —Lauren Nostro

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