Move over Jay Z and Beyonce.

Rap has a new first couple, that is if Nicki Minaj accepts DJ Khaled's proposal. Yes, Khaled Khaled proposed to Onika earlier this week, and all hell broke loose on Twitter afterward.

But don't worry, not all is lost for Jay. He had the interview of the year with Elliott Wilson because, duh, it's Elliott and the two sat down at Yankee Stadium to talk parenthood, Magna Carta, and how Drake is the Kobe to Hov's Jordan.

Drake has still been pretty damn quiet, but he did manage to get in a quick apology this week (with J. Cole in tow), offering a mea culpa for his autism lyric on "Jodeci Freestyle." It was a mental challenge trying to figure out how sincere the two actually were though.

Meanwhile, the Ying Yang Twins are trying to reclaim "Hanh" because, well, no one can ever have nice things—we're looking at you, French Montana.

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