Well, this is awkward.

Nirvana's run ended following the death of Kurt Cobain in 1994, and while there have been a handful of posthumous releases, this seems to be pretty well known to the general public.

Except for the Virginia Tech Mascot, who sent a letter to Sub Pop, Nirvana's one-time record label, asking if Nirvana could record a Homecoming Week message for the school.

It's pretty simple: as a homecoming queen candidate, she thinks Nirvana (Who is referred to as "she" in the letter?) would get some great publicity from a quick message like: "What’s up Virginia Tech? This is Nirvana! Just wanted to wish you guys a Happy Homecoming Week and good luck at the game this Saturday. LETS GO HOKIES!"

Not convinced yet? She tells Sub Pop that Nirvana would be among the greats in the video collage: Big N Rich, the Ying Yang Twins (Ed. Note—Fair), and Slightly Stoopid.

Whatever, maybe the mascot just missed the fact that Kurt Cobain killed himself 19 years ago. As for thinking Nirvana is a singular female artist? Unforgiveable. 

As Complex contributor Julian Kimble pointed out, there's a scene in Dan Harris' 2004 film Imaginary Heroes where Jeff Daniels, Emile Hirsch and Sigourney Weaver are sitting at a dinner table and Daniels' character tells Hirsch's character he'll pay for him to go to a Nirvana concert. The film is set in 2004. Maybe the mascot watched Imaginary Heroes and got confused.

Either way, Sub Pop claims they "dressed up and obliged" on their Tumblr.

Read the letter above.

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