We posted an anthem last week from G-Buck that was worthy of assembling a twerk team to.  The reception was fantastic, and his follow-up is equally as destructive.  He's back with an incredibly tough remix of "Firestarter" by The Prodigy.  He made this quite some time ago, but decided to revisit and share it in celebration of hitting 1000 followers on SoundCloud.

The bass music scene is Philly is nothing short of inspiring right now, and G-Buck is elbowing people out of the way with records like this.  We're wary of those remixing the classics, and there are few tunes tunes that are more important to the current state of electronic music than "Firestarter."  G-Buck absolutely demolished this one.  It's up for free download as a present to those that support him.  Make sure to pop by his page and follow him so we can shake a record out of him when he hits 2000 followers.