Label: Quality Control Music

Think about how boring the word "Versace" seven times would be if it was rapped, on beat, with no enthusiasm, by your favorite lyrical rapper. Now imagine your favorite lyrical rapper skunked out of his mind on something, repeating that same word seven times as if trying to give directions to a lost pizza delivery man. Sounds better, right?

This year has felt like a competition among some artists to develop the most unique delivery, redundancy and inanity be damned. For the Migos, it seemed as though their gallop-like flow had been inspired by other competitors (e.g. Future), but they took it to a new level. You can criticize a one-word chorus, but Migos definitely deserve credit for the way they did it. There is just no way to listen to YRN without absorbing some of the energy they're putting into it, and the best medium for them to channel that energy to you, the listener, is through repeating the name of some of their favorite things. Keep it simple (and maybe a little stupid), stupid. —Alexander Gleckman