Label: Vice/Atlantic

The chemistry between Queens rapper Action Bronson and Brooklyn producer Harry Fraud was displayed in short flashes in 2012. The two came together on songs such as "Jar of Drugs" and "Bird On a Wire," while simultaneously creating buzz as individual entities. Several weeks ago, the two released their first extended work together, a seven-song EP called Saab Stories. It's everything fans would have hoped for: thumping drum patterns behind Fraud's lush samples, bolstering the verbal gymnastics and outlandish punchlines they've come to expect from Bronson. What's most impressive about the music is how well-structured it is. This isn't just a rappity-rap side project to be relegated to the underground. Powerful hooks lift songs like "No Time," "The Rockers," and "Strictly 4 My Jeeps" into something closer to radio fare than Bronson has ever made before. Saab Stories marks a turning point in his career—he sounds like a polished artist capable of rapping himself right into the mainstream. —Dharmic X