This might cement the brilliance that is Terry Crews, even more so than that oddly epic "Muscle Music" project. While we know that Major Lazer is Diplo and his crew of merry pranksters and producer friends, we also know that Major Lazer is a character with a huge gun for an arm and some kick-ass shades. How perfect is it that for the forthcoming video for Free the Universe's "Scare Me" that the live-action Major Lazer will be portrayed by Terry Crews?! We couldn't have thought of a better person for the role...

Unless Terry Crew really is Major Lazer, and the whole cartoon character was created to shield him while he was making Old Spice commercials and being an awesome dad on Everybody Hates Chris. Yeah, we'll go with that theory. No word on when the "Scare Me" video will be premiering, but this 30 second teaser has us anxious.