It was only a matter of time before Minneapolis youth rap sensations Y.N. Rich Kids picked up a coveted sponsorship deal. We can safely assume that their breakout hit "Hot Cheetos and Takis" helped reinvigorate the snack food industry, and their early 2013 singles, "My Bike" and "Khaki Pants," seem poised to increase bike ownership and pants purchases substantially.

At the very least, the kids have a talent for making incredibly hot rap songs about school-appropriate topics, making them the perfect group for a brand to partner with for a back-to-school shopping ad. Scooping its Minneapolis-based rival Target, Kmart managed to score some killer branded content by tapping the group to make a music video/ad. The renamed Rich Kidzz come through with plenty of Kmart-friendly lyrics and, in true form, a sweet hook about how their school bus is their limo. Noted spaz-out-rapper and Mystikal look-alike Ben 10 even shows off some sweet break dancing moves.

Now that the group is getting that Kmart money, there's no telling what comes next: Will their next song be about being the middle schoolers with sickest gel pens? Or will they lose touch with their roots and start making bougie songs about eating gourmet pizza rolls?

And what will the success of the video say for the future of branded content? Will Target fight back with its own rap video about backpack deals (released as a partnership with Def Jux, naturally)? Will Walmart start putting out mixtape series about their low prices ("DJ, roll them back!")? Only time will tell. For now, check out the kids' characteristically catchy video above.

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