This might be the best wedding gift that the State of California could give Insomniac CEO Pasquale Rotella right now. If you remember, there was a huge court case brewing right over Rotella's head, all to do with payments made to the LA Coliseum for a number of Electric Daisy Carnivals that were held there. This had been going on since March of 2012, and could have done some serious time on those corruption charges. Billboard reports that "L.A. Superior Court judge Terry A. Green ruled on July 10 that the plaintiffs did not prove that a conspiracy existed. The judge said that the Coliseum could amend their complaint by July 31... While the civil charges have been thrown out, the three (and ex-Coliseum general manager Patrick Lynch) remain under criminal indictment for similar charges. The criminal case remains ongoing."

Insomniac is now in a partnership with Live Nation, so avoiding high profile cases like this is a must; we have a feeling that that partnership might also be to their benefit when people are trying to take them down. We'll see what happens at the end of this month. Do you think Wendy Williams will apologize?