Mike WiLL Made It has produced some big tracks in 2013, but none more impressive than "Beach is Better," which was featured on Jay Z's Magna Carta Holy Grail.

In an interview with Revolt, Mike WiLL says he initially came to Jay with 10 tracks, and the Roc Nation rapper ended up asking the Atlanta producer to create something new for him. The result was "Beach is Better," which was used as an interlude for Jay's new album. "He rapped on it, and he just stopped," Mike recalls. "He was like, 'We're just going to use this as an interlude, and see how they feel about it.'"

Acknowledging the positive response the track has gotten, as well as a desire from fans to hear a full version, Mike WiLL explained that less is more. "Folks weren't ready for that whole song. As much as they say, 'Man, we want that joint to be a whole song,' they weren't ready."

[via NahRight]

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