Lil' Kim's album cover for her 1996 debut Hard Core was a refreshing piece of art for its time. It was provocative without being exploitative, depicting a new-era heroine of an MC showing her stuff and going-toe-to toe with the ol' boys club of hip-hop.

The 39-year-old Brooklyn rapper has decided to bring back that cover, with a few modifications, for her upcoming Hard Core: Back 2 Da Streetz mixtape. There are some differences, though. And they raise some issues.

She Replaced Champagne with Ciroc: Diddy stays eating off his former clients.

The "2K13" in the Left-Hand Corner: Is this also being levied as a promotional tool for 2K Sports?

No Polar Bear Rug, And Lil Kim Herself Has Been Transformed Into a Siberian Tiger: No explanation needed.

The Pile of Benjamins Stacked on the Floor: Who needs a safe when you are a jaded-looking white tiger?

No Pokers For The Fireplace: Pokers? We don't even know...

So far, 17 people have told Kim they like this cover. Care to join them?

[via Rap-Up]

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