KickRaux have been on a very serious mission.  As one of the few acts that can actually navigate through the business end of music, they've gotten some pretty incredible things done in the past few months.  From linking with Childish Major (who produced "U.O.E.N.O.," as well as a stack of other bangers), to knocking out an official remix for Katie Got Bandz, this path in EDM is far from normal.  And it's far from random.

Their connection between rap and electronic music is a pointed and purposeful move, and they storm through the few records that are both somehow good and popular, flipping each with their own flair.  We have remixes of Jay Z's "Tom Ford," Pusha T's "Numbers On The Board," Future's "Karate Chop" (shouts to Kid Cedek for basically playing this on repeat when I was in Atlanta in February), Boy Wonder's "2 Of Everything," and a stack of other industry-supported anthems.

But don't think this is a gimmick using the popularity of these rappers in order to succeed.  These records stand alone, and are so far removed from their originals and uniquely produced that the originals seem like an accent to their production.  In this world of flat, boring, repetitive trap music, KickRaux put forth an absolutely wonderful album.  It's up for free download via their SoundCloud.  Give it a spin and take it with you.