Album: Watch The Throne

With all the talk that Watch the Throne was just about putting supermodels in a cab and hanging out with art dealers like Larry Gagosian, critics seem to forget there was some real substance on songs like "Murder to Excellence" and "New Day." As we've previously argued, WTT is essentially a house that Kanye built but Jay actually lived in-the album's aesthetic was all Kanye but Jay dominated time on the mic.

However, on "New Day" Kanye actually outraps Jay as they both rhyme about the sons they never had (they would both go on to have daughters after dropping this song). In talking about his unborn child, Kayne ends up revealing more about his own psyche than ever before, admitting to a longing for wanting to be liked rather than basking in his own awesomeness, "See, I just want him to have an easy life/Not like Yeezy life, just want him to be someone people like/Don't want him to be hated all the time." Not a bad few lines from an album supposedly devoted to materialism. Insanul Ahmed