Album: Cruel Summer

After the success of the "Mercy," the first single off Cruel Summer, "Cold" (formerly "Theraflu") was the perfect platform for Kanye to declare his love for Kim Kardashian, among other acknowledgements to his personal life. The first verse sets 'Ye up for some of the hottest bars of his entire career: a few Paris references, style, and the infamous play on Ma$e's "Lookin' At Me" in the hook. But once the "And the whole industry wanna fuck your old chick" line kicks off the second verse, you're in for Kanye's reflection on his break-up with Amber Rose, his newfound respect for Wiz Khalifa, and some very open talk about his new leading lady, Kim Kardashian. It was the line heard 'round the world: "And I'll admit I fell in love with Kim/Round the same time she fell in love with him/Well that's cool, baby girl do ya thang/Lucky I ain't have Jay drop him from the team." Shots fucking fired.

Kim and Kanye's relationship goes way back, but the verse offered the best of 'Ye: his emotions and his true lack of fucks to give as he reveals some of his most personal moments. It's a feat to see him showcase his love without the guise of auto tune or a slowed, stripped beat, a boastful acknowledgement of the love of his life—and, of course, how well dressed he is (he'll motherfucking embarrass you). Lauren Nostro