Shouts to DAD reader Kyle for pointing this bit out to us. When Erick Morillo spoke with SW4 earlier this month, he mentioned the personal issues he was dealing with, but on Friday he took to Facebook to fully explain himself. He was initially embarrassed, but since leaving Malibu's Passages rehab facility, he felt it was time to open up about his issues with alcohol and drugs:

It's my last day in beautiful sunny Malibu, California and what an incredible personal journey the last four weeks have been. For those of you who dont know I've been in a spiritual rehab facility called passages. I've omitted that from the interview as i was a little embarrassed at first because i did not know what people would think. Now i realize that i want to share it with the world and use my sobriety as an example to all that you can have a life that is full of joy, love and laughter without drugs or alcohol.

Life is a gift and it's one that in recent years i've taken for granted. I have been blessed to be able to travel the world and share my love of music. I've been surrounded by a great family and wonderful friends who have been there for me through thick and thin and for that i thank them. My friends and fans alike have sent me love and well wishes and i was really touched by it all and i want to thank you as it meant a lot in a time when i was in a very dark place. Again, i can never thank you enough.

Now its time to take my life on, love myself and enjoy the journey on which i'm about to embark. as far as my gigs, its not business as usual, i am only going to do 4 or 5 gigs a month and focus on my first love making music and attaining balance in my life. In recent months i have let down fans and promoters by not showing up to a handful of gigs and i can promise you all now, that that will never happen again. I will be between Miami and NYC from now until the 23rd and then ill be based in ibiza until the end of august. i look forward to seeing you all on the dance floor!

i will send you guys periodic updates on my sobriety as it's not going to be easy, but by sharing it i can stay strong and deal with the challenges ahead. I am now 30 days clean and sober.
love always, erick morillo

We applaud Erick opening up about his struggles, and hope he continues to travel down the drug-free path he's embarked on.