The dance music community embraces the Internets like no other, but when you get some of the bigger names thinking, they plot out unique ways of releasing music. If you remember, Duck Sauce announced the release of their latest single, "It's You," with a newspaper ad. After the hair-raising video and a dynamic rework from DJ Snake, it looks like they had to up the ante. So obviously they took it to Craigslist:

Clicking that link takes you to a Sendspace link that gives you a free download of this ?@#! remix of "It's You," which is much bigger and hornier than the original's fancy free flavor. The best part? The address given for the "a & a restaurants a 愚人金 company" listed on the Craigslist ad is for the Fool's Gold shop in Brooklyn. Sneaky devils. Enjoy this "new duck sauce available for sampling" from the Duck Sauce crew.