We imagine you can't help it, and we sure as hell can't. With that awesome cover art and the sound of the first track, the immediate thing we want to say is "FUCK YEAH, '80S!" Mitch Murder, who has amassed releases on Rosso Corsa and Karakasa, has just put out a new EP, The Touch, on Jeffree's today. And yes, it's drenched in '80s sheen in the best possible ways. Feels like the best theme to roll up the sleeves of your satin jacket (or blazer) to. French DJ/producer LIFELIKE adds an '80s flair from a different angle to "The Touch," giving it a more euphoric techno rework, while Nite Sprite gives it an injection of spacefunk. Solid single for those of you who are enamored with one of the best decades of all time.