DJ White Shadow is a name that any EDM enthusiast would sleep on.  But though he is most famous for producing more than a dozen tracks on Lady Gaga's Born This Way, his musical taste has never been stuck in one lane.  He and I met in Chicago where he was crushing a DJ gig only a few days after Gaga's record come out.  And again months later as he was touring with Identity Festival playing techno and house music (and generally going apeshit and dealing with the worst technical problems you could imagine and getting dropped while stage diving).

DJWS is one of those rare gems in the industry that achieves critical acclaim and continues to be genuinely good guy, and his reach is well beyond the pop records that he's known for producing.  His time in Detroit gives him a completely different outlook on how electronic music is shaped.  We'll see how his EP Pussy Drugs Fear shapes up.  We have no clue what the other two records sound like, and really had no announcement that Fear was coming out until the creepy video that accompanied it hit our inboxes late yesterday.  We'll clue you in on the rest of this three-track EP as soon as we have word.

(Note, some of these images can be disturbing)