Album: Penicilin on Wax
Label:  Ruffhouse
TR Love, Tim Dog"Americans can be pretty uptight about their sexual kinks, but there are some people who just feel comfortable letting loose. Kool Keith is an open book, saying, ""A lotta people don't wanna talk about their fantasies. They scared to share 'em, but you know what? I'm proud of mines."" And, maybe it's the gift of twenty years and the Internet, but it's fairly standard ""fantasy"" nowadays: he wants to have two girls slobbering all over him, one of them to bring him new clothes, but - most importantly—"I want them panties to smell."

This is where things take a weird turn: Tim Dog—you know, the man who may/may not be currently on the run after faking his own death—details his own fantasy, which is breaking down the door to an En Vogue dressing room, only for the women to cannibalize him with their vaginas. Now, before you think that this ends in wedding bells for all five of them, here are some choice lyrics:

"Dawn was the freaky one
(How freaky?) Man, she so freaky
She wanted me to pee in her face
(Well, what did you do?) I pissed in her face!"