Album: Street Hop
Label: M.I.C./One
Producer: Carlos Broady

You see the title "Part of Me," maybe you think this is Royce getting emotional, taking a cue from fellow Slaughterhouse member Joe Budden. And so you listen to Royce sketch out a late-night scene: there's a club, see? And a man's talking to a woman, a beautiful woman, one who deserves his time. He's a gentleman, so he tries to buy her a drink; she buys him one instead. Oh! "Well, that's very sweet, isn't it, thank you very much," he thinks, not noticing that she and another woman had dropped something into his Patrón-brand tequila. And he goes home with them, la di da, but he falls asleep before he can have sex and then he wakes up in a bath tub without his dick BECAUSE THEY TOOK IT. "PART OF ME" IS NOT ABOUT HIS HEART, IT'S ABOUT HIS DICK. THIS ISN'T A JOE BUDDEN SONG AT ALL. GOOD LUCK HAVING SEX NOW THAT THEY STOLE YOUR DICK FROM YOUR BODY, TUB MAN. Anyway, that's why you shouldn't drink tequila.