One cannot overstate the importance of storytellers in the history of man. As society crept into existence, storytellers became not only the entertainers they are today, but teachers, pastors, leaders, comedians, messengers. These were the men who passed down lore from generation to generation, who spread gospel and mythology, who gave people the idea that the world was larger than just that which existed before them. In the grand tradition of Homer, storytellers like Shakespeare and Judy Blume begat those like Slick Rick and Nas, The Notorious B.I.G. and Jay-Z. Here were rappers who could not only brag about their own lives, but create vivid worlds out of nothing but their imagination.

That's not to say that every tale is worth telling. In the midst of putting together our list of the 50 Best Storytelling Rap Songs, we ran into some songs that were just umm..strange. Some are boring, others are poorly-told, and then there are those stories that are just too crazy to not listen to. We charged Jeff Rosenthal with a seemingly impossible task: to try and make sense of 10 Bizarre Storytelling Rap Songs

Written by Jeff Rosenthal (@ItsTheReal)

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