Album: Saturday Night! - The Album
Producer: Schoolly D, Joe "The Butcher" Nicolo
Label: Schoolly D Records/Rhythm King Records/Jive

Schoolly D’s 1986 single “Saturday Night” is a winding narrative that tells the story of a series of nights in the life of an absolute scoundrel. He starts off getting trashed, and things only go downhill from there, as our protagonist finishes off the night with a volley of fights and attempts at unprotected sex his mom walks in on. The next night doesn’t go any better, as Schoolly drunkenly mistakes a man for an attractive woman on the street and gets clowned by his friends for it. Along with Too Short on the West Coast, Schoolly D’s raunchy gallows humor provided the spark that inspired decades of sex-crazed storytellers like Eazy-E and Snoop Dogg to serve up outlandish tales about reckless sexual exploits.