Album: The Infamous
Producer: Havoc
Label: Infamous Records, RED Distribution, Sony Music Entertainment

Mobb Deep's 1995 classic "Trife Life" was originally called "Don't Ever Go See a Bitch," which in its crass way, boils down the essence of the song. Havoc's verse is about robbing and killing a dude who's caught leaving his girlfriend's house in the projects late at night, while P's part finds him reconnecting with an old friend who invites him to a get together in Brooklyn. P stayed in Queens, where Havoc is from, and he immediately becomes convinced he's being set up. He rolls out to BK and immediately gets spooked and leaves when a black van with tinted windows shows up. Jay-Z is said to have been miffed by P's Marcy Projects slander, and the two parties launched into a war of subliminals that came to a head on The Blueprint's "Takeover."