Album: Bulletproof Wallets
Producer: RZA
Label: Epic/SME Records

"Maxine" is the first song on Ghostface's underappreciated 2001 album, Bulletproof Wallets. (Which had the near-impossible task of following the universally beloved masterpiece, Supreme Clientele.) "Maxine" tells the story of a drug dealer, Moony, who embarks on a mission to punish a pair of subordinates he catches skimming off the product-and winds up getting more than he bargained for. Moony shows up at his underling Pam Jerkin's mother's house to find Pam and her friend Maxine sniffing the coke they're supposed to be holding for him. But when he slips up and puts his gun down, he catches a steaming pot of grits to the head, Al Green style, a screwdriver to the chest, a fork in the nuts, and a face full of lye before Pam's kids throw him out of the apartment window and he falls to his death. The never even came. As Ghost tells it, of the Staten Island projects where he grew up. "That's Stapleton."