Album: The Marshall Mathers LP
Producer: F.B.T.
Label: Interscope/Aftermath/Shady Records

Eminem's life is an open book, for better or worse, and anything that troubles him in his personal life invariably ends up in his rhymes. His issues with his daughter's mother Kim were immortalized on his 1998 debut, with the gruesome "'97 Bonnie and Clyde," wherein Em and his daughter drive to the ocean to dispose of Kim's lifeless body. "Kim" off 2000's Marshall Mathers LP is the vile and bloody story of how they got there. "Kim" is a filibuster telling of a relationship gone horribly, psychopathically wrong. It's so well-told, you feel creepy, voyeuristic, listening to a guy fantasizing about slitting the throat of the mother of his children in a song named after her. And the real-life Kim clearly wasn't so cool with it either. She sued for defamation of character a few months after the album dropped.