Album: Resurrection
Producer: No I.D.
Label: Relativity Records

Common's 1994 breakthrough single "I Used to Love H.E.R." is kinda like a rap game The Sixth Sense. You think you're listening to Com reminiscing about a girl whose morals are compromised when she moves out West and falls in with a crew of hard-partying gangbangers. Then you get the Shyamalanic twist at the end of verse three: the girl is hip-hop itself! "I Used to Love H.E.R." is an ace piece of songwriting, the tune that put Common on the map, although he got into trouble when Ice Cube and Westside Connection took issue with his words about gangsta rap and fired back with "Westside Slaughterhouse." Com eventually got the last laugh when he released his rebuttal, "The Bitch In Yoo," [Link:] one of the definitive diss songs in hip-hop history.