Action Bronson just got back from touring Europe in support of his latest EP, Saaab Stories, and the Queens MC took the time to talk all things Bronsolino with NahRight as part of "The Green Room" series.

Bronson touched on everything under the sun, from his pre-show rituals to what he has in store next. Here are some gems from the entertaining interview.

On Prepping for a Performance:
"I definitely started warming up my voice prior to going on stage, rather than just going into it. I was having an issue with losing my voice, and it was really bad. My throat would get really sore. I can’t have that happening."

On Blue Chips 2:
Blue Chips 2 is 100 percent next. I’m not really sure when, but I’m thinking end of August, September. But probably closer to September for it to drop. I’m probably gonna do another video for Saaab Stories, then drop this Blue Chips 2 shit.

On Body Slamming a Fan in Boston:
"Boston gets wild. There was a humungous fight while I was starting my second song. Like five kids get duffed out and knocked out and shit. So everybody’s already on edge. And I’m about to do my joint, and some fucking kid just jumps on stage. Security wasn’t fast enough, so I just disposed of him quickly, and kept it moving."

Check the full interview here.

[via NahRight]

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