Age: Quavo - 22, Takeoff - 19, Offset - 22
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Active Since: 2012
Label: N/A
Twitter Handle: @MigosATL 

Essential Listening: Y.R.N. (Young Rich Niggas)
Pros: They have hooks, a major cosign, and a unique style.
Cons: Their appeal is fairly one dimensional.

Now that Drake has jumped on the "Versace" remix, a lot of attention has been directed in the Migos' direction. But the trio (currently a duo—free Offset!) deserve more than a quick look, because Y.R.N. (Young Rich Niggas) is a consistent tape. The Migos' have arrived during an era when rappers seem to go out of their way to appear insoucient and laid back, pulling against the beat's precise rhythms like laffy taffy. Migos, in contrast, have quick, ADD-addled double-time flows.

They aren't lyrical miracles, per se, although due to cultural signifying and trap-oriented subject matter they will probably be underrated in this department. But they do use rapid-fire precision to create a kind of incessent, unforgettable affect that sets them apart. And most importantly, they've got hooks. If all you've heard is "Versace," go back to the queasy ren faire ambiance of "Bando," or check out the hammering mantra "Hannah Montana," or the deft tag-team "Chinatown." It's one trick, but it's well-executed, and a refreshing variation on a familiar formula. —David Drake