The Ying Yang Twins have historically been recognized for salacious hits like "Salt Shaker" and "Wait" (keep in mind, they also released "Whistle While You Twurk" in 2000), so their new track released by TMZ isn't all that unexpected.

The talking point here is the title, "Miley Cyrus." That's right, the Altanta duo have turned Miley's name into a verb, and the lyrics are extremely descriptive; "With her camel toe she steal the show/Put her pussy in yo face like a freaky ho" and "A team player, yeah she good/Put her on the bench so she can ride the wood." 

We can only imagine what else could be included on their upcoming mixtape, Ass in Session. One thing's for sure; don't play this around Billy Ray Cyrus.

[via TMZ]

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