Who Is Gilbere Forté?

His First Music Video for “Black Chukkas”

Gilbere Forté: “During my time at UNDRCRWN, I met the director Chris Robinson, who happened to be close friends with Set Free. I didn’t know about music at the time I met Chris. When I made this record called “Black Chukkas,” I made it because I liked wearing Vans. Set linked me up with Chris and I sat down at his house and we put together a concept for the video. It was going be my first look to the world, but I wanted it so no one would see me until the end of the video.


When I made this record called “Black Chukkas,” I just made it because I liked wearing Vans at the time.


"I was like, ‘Let’s shoot this video from the perspective of my feet, so let’s show a day in the life of me running around in my black chukkas.’ We were in Los Angeles and a lot of my friends in L.A. didn’t even know I was making music. I had them participating in the video too. Everyone was taken back like, ‘How is this happening?’

"The video came out great and “Black Chukkas” was the first thing to kick it off. I remember releasing that record on a little EP project I did with this brand called Black Scale in 2010, before 87 Dreams even came out, called Gilbere Forte is Blvck."

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