Dizzy Wright: "I pretty much created that circle. We were into fashion and shoes, that was pretty much it. Then I started throwing parties. As I started throwing parties, it wasn't like it was, 'Dizzy Presents,' it was my crew. So with my crew, we would all show up to the party, flyer than everybody. Then all these other little niggas want to come up with their crew. It just kind of started like that.

"As we started seeing that we were setting trends and niggas was trying to be like us, then that's what made us want to start adding things like music. That's when I started fucking up, because I wanted to do more than what niggas was trying to duplicate. I had a couple rappers, like niggas who rapped who weren't even into fashion. I completely took it off the fashion aspect of things. I tried to get a photographer, rappers, dancers, whatever. And Team Flashy wasn't suitable for that.

"That's when we changed to Flashy Inc. It was my business move at a young age. Everybody started doing team blazers and team Nike, all this 'Team' shit started happening. That's when I started doing the Flashy Inc. shit. But I put too much on my plate. I had too many people representing the name.

"I started reaping the consequences. The more I would do, the more I wouldn't be around, and I'm the one that can shut it down quick. Niggas get ready to fight, I'm the one that can shut it down. But, me not being around, everything just got wild. Next thing you know, people started turning on me. It was a learning process. Now, the same people I started the dress crew with are the only people that are in Flashy Inc. All the shit that we added eventually got cut out."