Dizzy Wright: "Having my daughter Xhaiden, she made me want to work harder and get my shit together to be a successful black man. I've been in an environment to be a hood nigga, just grinding. Against all odds, my daughter, she just made me want more for myself, to not be okay with struggling.

"Being on the road, It's tough, but I face time her a lot. Technology makes it so I can talk to her like I'm there. If she's not going to sleep, I can still get on the phone and tell her to go to sleep. She'll still cry just by hearing my voice through the phone sometimes, but I'm still very much involved.

"The most important thing for me is that I'm able to be a provider. We just moved into our new place, and it feels good to be able to make that step where she has a little more space and she can be a kid and do things that I didn't get to do."