What The Hell Just Happened in Music This Week?

Rick Ross and Chelsea Clinton became BFFs.

Date: June 11

On Tuesday evening, Samsung held its 2013 Hope For Children Gala. Lots of money was raised for charity, so that's good. But the moment people are talking about is when Rick Ross and Chelsea Clinton were photographed together. Ross has long rapped about rubbing elbows with world political figures. His 2006 album Port of Miami features a song called "White House." Now, he can rap about political connections and nobody can dispute it because there's photographic evidence.  

No one E.N.Os what happened after the party. Maybe the two met at a recording session. Australian model Jessica Gomes (who's responsible for the "Maybach Music" drop) might have to watch her back. We just hope Chelsea kept an eye on her drink. —Julian Kimble

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