We didn't hear anything from Drake—and that's making us nervous.

Date: All week

You read the Kanye West interview in the New York Times this week, right?

Kanye talked about a lot of things. But not his biggest rival, Drake. Or, well, not explicitly at least. But many people read some between-the-lines digs in the text. For example, this quote, which doesn't even seem that subtle when you think about it: "There are people who have figured out the exact, you know, Kanye West formula, the mix between 'Graduation' and '808s,' and were able to become more successful at it."

Ouch. That got us thinking—where has Drake been? What could his reaction have been? 

One possibility: Wednesday night, Drake sees the quotes, and slams his laptop closed. "You underestimated greatly," he proclaims that "Started From The Bottom" billboard hanging over the Gardiner Expressway leading into Toronto. OVO owls flock to his presence. The snow machines from the "Started From The Bottom" video throw flakes into the air behind Drake. He screams, "That's why every song sounds like Drake featuring Drake." Lil Wayne and Birdman arrive. Drake ascends from the billboard. They start to plan….

…Because it's Yeezy season. But maybe not for long. Drake's been quiet. Too quiet. He's probably not in Miami at the YMCMB mansion. Maybe he's at his resort in Los Angeles—trying on Dada while DJ Khaled strokes his chin in approval. Either way, we know Drake wants to take over Summer 2013. 

Don't let the silence fool you. Drake's up to something. And well, whatever it is, we're looking forward to it:

Lauren Nostro

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