Soulja Boy appeared on The Bachelorette. We repeat: Soulja Boy appeared on The Bachelorette.

Date: June 3

On Monday, Soulja Boy made an appearance on ABC's reality show The Bachelorette. Forget why he was there in the first place—the only moment you need to remember is the jaw-dropping music video he made with the show’s contestants, the ironically-titled "For The Right Reasons.” It’s, umm, really something to see! The title contestant Desiree (sort-of) raps her way through a two-and-a-half minute explanation of her quest for the perfect man. Meanwhile, the lucky gents who are courting her serve as hype men and backup dancers. (Hey, relationships are hard work, this is just another one the rigors. Beats a Saturday morning trip to Home Depot, right?) Meanwhile, Soulja Boy lurks in the background, smiling like he’s thinking about what he's going to spend this check on. —Julian Kimble

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