Date: June 2

Hot 97 held its 20th annual Summer Jam concert last Sunday at Giants Stadium in New Jersey. The radio station had some big things planned for the audience. The Wu-Tang Clan came through to celebrate their 20th anniversary, and left the crowd waving the “W” hand sign in ecstasy. Special guests like Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross all graced the stage, and the East and West coasts came together as A$AP Mob joined Top Dawg Entertainment during Kendrick Lamar’s set. All of this, however, was rendered an afterthought by a unscheduled surprise that came as a surprise even to the concert’s organizers themselves.

Before the crowd could finish reacting to Kendrick’s performance, the long-striving Brooklyn MC Papoose inexplicably stepped onto the stage. The self-proclaimed “King of New York” performed “Get At Me” alongside hypeman and Auto-Tune hook crooner Ron Browz—leaving everyone baffled Wasn’t Jay-Z supposed to be joining Kendrick on stage? Had Papoose just pulled a Lil Mama? Snarky memes flooded the internet.

The next morning, we learned that this had actually been planned, sort of, although never approved by Hot 97. TDE was returning a favor to Papoose for having helped them out back when Kendrick was still K. Dot. So, ultimately, it was a successful PR stunt. The man who once claimed “to have New York City in the palm of my hand” had the entire rap world talking about him. With any luck, it can push sales of his long-awaited, recently released debut solo album, The Nacirema Dream up over the 10,000-copies mark. —Dharmic X

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