2 Chainz dropped a song called "Feds Watching" with Pharrell, just before we'd all get confirmation that the feds were watching.

Date: June 4

Last week, 2 Chainz said he would premiere material from his new album at Summer Jam XX. He made good on his promise, and Monday, dropped an official version of a new song, featuring a rejuvenated Pharrell, called "Feds Watching.” “I'm be fresh as hell if the feds watchin’,” he chants on the chorus. Of course later in the week, the nation would learn that the feds are indeed watching, all of us, all the time, through the efforts of the National Security Agency and the PRISM initiative. Just as we suspected. Of course, there’s no way 2 Chainz and Pharrell could have timed their release to coincide with the big political news. Or is there?—Julian Kimble

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