Date: June 25

Poor Earl Sweatshirt. And poor Earl Sweatshirt fans who were planning to see him in concert this summer. The Californian rap prodigy has been sick with pneumonia for more than a week. ("It won't fucking go away," he tweeted on June 18th, "it's like dubstep.") But while the disease hasn't taken away Earl's sense of humor, it has laid him too flat to take the stage and he's been forced to cancel the remaining dates on his tour. Tuesday, including scheduled dates with Kendrick Lamar, Mac Miller and Eminem. (Which is a double shame, because Earl raps more like Eminem than anyone since Eminem. It would be nice to see them performing together.) He sent out his apologies to his fans on Tuesday, along with what he called "good news": the sketch of the sad-faced girl you see above. "This is Doris," he said. Doris is the title of his first official solo album, due out in July. So here's hoping that the sketch means it's done. Here's hoping that that sketch will be the album cover, in fact. I love it. It reminds me of a set of Russian egg dolls I had when I was a kid. And Barbapapa.  

And here's hoping Earl gets well soon. —Dave Bry

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