If you thought that nothing could be as exciting as the week of June 18, then you were wrong—very wrong. Much of this week's music news was made, as is increasingly the case, on Twitter. In fact, it's starting to seem like rappers should maybe just avoid the form entirely. No, Rick Ross, Africa is not a country. And yes, The-Dream, you were ranting about sales, even though you were all like, "Lol I'm not ranting just kept it one hunded.[sic]" And, yes, everybody, things you tweeted three years ago are bound to come back to haunt you.

But this week's most depressing news came when we learned that will.i.am is trying to sue Pharrell's "i AM OTHER" brand over the use of the phrase "i AM." Yes, we're serious.

Either way, tonight is the BET Awards which, as you know, will have the music world entertained for yet another week. Before then, here's all that and more in this week's What The Hell Just Happened in Music This Week?