Date: May 29

How are we still having this debate? Earlier this week a writer for the Australian Examiner went out of his way to call rap “the biggest con in the history of music” and go on about how music was so much better in the ‘60s because we all know every band in the ‘60s was as good as The Beatles. We’re not even going to bring up how Australia totally has legalized racism (that’s next level racism bruh), we’re just gonna say this: Rap is art.

Rap is beautiful, it’s ugly, it’s heartbreaking, it’s breathtaking, it’s laced joints and vodka shots followed by vegan entrees. It’s not The Beach Boys and it’s not The Rolling Stones, but it is the the vehicle to the voice of a generation. Sure there’s good rap and there’s bad rap, but who are you to tell us our art doesn't mean something to us? The ‘60s is over mate, and like Bob Dylan said, the times are a changin’. —Insanul Ahmed

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