Date: May 31


Maybe that JC Chasez sketch in the beginning got us feeling all nostalgic, but we're suckers for white girls making pop music in Timbs and snapbacks but whatever (although in this case it's a little overboard). This is LIZ, Mad Decent's new "pop princess." Those airy vocals paired with her lyrics of no substance is catchy as fuck. It's a pop song. LIZ's lyrics are nothing groundbreaking but can't we like something we know we'll be singing in our cars this summer?

Yes, yes we can. And damn, Spring Breakers, has really made an impact on our culture with those stupid ski masks that are, well, stupid but also look pretty badass (except for the fact that if she's rocking shorts, that person's head is definitely dripping sweat). Plus, she's got the Mad Decent co-sign so they're up to something good over there. —Lauren Nostro