Mac Miller, ScHoolBoy Q, and Action Bronson Have The Greatest War in The History of Vine

Date: May 29

Like most people, you probably have a Twitter you never update, a Facebook you only use to lurk your exes, and you only stay on Instagram to do photoshoots at the gym because there’s mirrors and good lighting.

Yet, the only thing worse than being on social media is following people on social media. All your friends are losers who live terribly boring lives. Either that or that pizza faced loser you knew in high school is now balling out of control and smoking weed with your favorite rappers (Hi haters!) and you’d rather kill yourself then be reminded of their success. The only people worse than your friends on social media are rappers. All they do is promote their albums and show off their new Bugatti. Shit is weak sauce.

That’s why Vine is our hope. Twitter is for snaps, Instagram is for showing off, but Vine was made for you to be funny. And it’s a chance for rappers to be funny. And from the new class of rappers, few are as naturally funny as Action Bronson, Mac Miller, and ScHoolboy Q (though none of them are as entertaining as Riff Raff, of course).

The tree smoking trio showed just how funny they could be on Vine this week by getting into an all out Vine war. It started after ScHoolboy started clowning Mac (who in turn was clowning his boy, DJ Clockwork for getting no pussy). They went back and forth but it really took off once Action Bronson got involved and pretended to be ScHoolboy Q chanting to himself in the mirror saying, “Gotta be better than Kendrick.” You don’t need to get on Vine (it’s not all trendy just yet) but you do need to follow these guys. —Insanul Ahmed

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