Date: May 28

The Internet has revolutionized the way we live in the last 20 years. The capability for people around the world to connect instantly is a blessing for many. That said, the unfortunate byproduct of instant and public communication is a cesspool of negativity. We can now witness train wrecks and live tweet our commentary and slander. Everyone loves to laugh at a public spectacle, no matter how tragic.

Rihanna is known for her ability to ether haters using social media. Amanda Bynes is a former child-star whose recent Charlie Sheen level breakdown has been Twitter’s favorite conversation starter for over a month now. When the two women butted heads online this week, the result was a public spectacle unlike any other.

On Sunday, Bynes suddenly went at Rihanna with a number of tweets, including one that said, “Chris brown beat you because you’re not pretty enough.” Within minutes, Rihanna had responded with a biting rhetorical question. “Ya see what happens when they cancel intervention?” Checkmate.

Amanda has since turned 180, saying that Rihanna is in fact “such a beauty.” Rihanna has pretty much ignored the actress, choosing only to RT Amanda’s claim that she is not crazy.

The question remains: What prompted this outburst in the first place? Is Bynes really jealous that Rihanna has escaped scrutiny for her supposed drug use? Or is it the fact that the singer has been romantically linked with Bynes’ “boo” Drake that has her so upset? Who knows. Like the square root of 69, we're still trying to work it out. —Dharmic X

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