Ty Dolla $ign recently gave us a sneak preview of his upcoming Beach House 2 mixtape, due out July 1. It's got more guests than his last release, but overall, the entire tape feels of-a-piece with its prequel: melodic sleaziness and sung-rapped verses largely concerned with stealing girlfriends, sex, and occasionally drugs. It's one huge louche fantasy, only now the costars are on a higher level of name recognition.

"Irie," which features Wiz Khalifa, is one such track. Although it features a beat from DJ Spinz, known primarily as the sonic architect behind ATL anthems like "Cashin Out," the track still sounds as if it would slot easily into the last Beach House release. Also, make sure to check out another track from Beach House 2, "Paranoid," which appeared on DJ Mustard's recent mixtape, Ketchup.

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