Release Date: 6/26/2013
Label: Fools Gold
Producers: El-P
Guests: Prince Paul, Until the Ribbon Breaks, Big Boi
Singles: "Banana Clipper," f/ Big Boi "Get It," "36 Chain"

What was the best rap story in rap music last year? TDE's rise? Chief Keef? Nas's comeback? My vote goes to the unlikely pairing of El-P and Killer Mike. Who would have thought that combining the dense futurism of underground Brooklyn with the erudite side of Atlanta's trap scene would spur two highly respected veterans to career heights in artistry. But that's what happened. El-P's Cancer for Cure and Killer Mike's R.A.P. Music were about as good as it got in 2012. Lucky for us, the two went back in the studio this spring, dipped the chocolate into the peanut-butter again, and return, as an official duo this time. Run the Jewels they're calling themselves. It's very difficult to imagine that their eponymous album will be anything less than awesome. —Dave Bry