Best Line: "Clown told me, 'Ain't you Roc? But where the fuck your chain at?'/Guess it's something like your girl, nigga, it ain't came yet."
Album: Cole World: The Sideline Story

Cole's first single may have flopped commercially, but it still went a long way in establishing him as the next young spitter to watch out for. His name had been buzzing for months and his core fanbase was already built, but "Who Dat" woke up everyone that was sleeping on the flow. On the song, Cole was going at necks, particularly on the standout second verse. "Hungry like the nigga who ain't got the taste of fame yet," he raps, and he made good on that boast. But still, on the opening bars, he's talking long-term: "When you thinking about summertime I'm thinking about the winter/When you thinking about breakfast I'm heating up my dinner."