Best Line: "I took a train down memory lane/And watching little Jermaine do his thang before he made a name/It's like Sony signed Basquiat/He gave it all he got/Now the nigga don't paint the same thang."
Album: Born Sinner

"Rich Niggaz" is one of Cole's quietest, softest songs, but in a good way: A heavenly harp loop that gets room to breathe, and on the first verse, Cole alternates between quick couplets and long pauses to let some of his deepest lyrics shine. Born Sinner is all about struggling with temptation—here it's the allure of material wealth. Cole can't decide whether he's better off with or without, comparing himself to Jean-Michel Basquiat and Kurt Cobain, and asking the titular rich antagonist, "Ain't it more to you? Don't it ever get boring to you?"