I'm loving what OWSLA is doing with their releases and their roster. Instead of repeating the same thing over and over again, they are backing records and artists that push boundaries. Phonat is a seven-foot-tall (you read that right) beast from Italy that's currently living in London. Linking with Skrillex's label is the icing on the credentials he's been stacking for the past few years. And instead of latching to one genre to carve out an audience, his style bounces beteween electro, rock, downtempo, ragga, house, drum & bass, and more. He's bringing a lighter and gasoline to the rule books that run electronic music.

The Identity Theft EP is as abstract as you would expect, leaning heavily on glitching out elements and deep melodic vibes. To classify this as anything but electronic would be foolish. To describe this talent as anything but genius would be ridiculous. Identity Theft is available now on iTunes, although you can download "All This Time" for free over on Mixmag.